About Us

Worldwide Shoppers Club


  • Worldwide Shoppers Club is a private club so you need to be referred by a member or you can apply for Membership approval online or in person at the Head Office.

Membership has its many advantages which include immediate discounts and the greatest cash back rebates anywhere. All members receive a WSC Rebate Card. WSC is committed to its Membership providing an ever expanding Merchant Affiliate directory so as to provide the widest range of products and the highest cash back rebates possible.

A monthly membership provides you with all of these great features plus your rebates can easily exceed the cost of your monthly membership! What is exciting is that Worldwide Shoppers Club has created an “accelerated cash back rebate system” whereby your monthly membership fee can be FREE and you receive continuous monthly rebates.


  • Receive cash back!

Everyone spends at least $100 monthly shopping for something, but how much of that money are you actually getting back?

Imagine being able to receive ALL or MORE of that hard earned money that you’ve spent too easily? Yes you read that correctly. Now with the WSC Cash Back Rebate System it is completely possible!

Once you become a member, you can start to receive great savings and cash back simply by presenting your WSC Membership Card (Canadian card shown below) and using your WSC Rebate Card, which is an international prepaid card. All rebates are automatically loaded onto your WSC Rebate Card on a monthly basis.

CSC Card

  • If you are able to shop and know how to use a credit card, then you are qualified to be a member

Worldwide Shoppers Club is not a business opportunity but simply a way to save money and redeem some, all and even more of what you normally spend shopping on a monthly basis.


  • No credit check is necessary

All members are provided access to an international prepaid card which we refer to as the WSC Rebate Card.

The WSC Rebate card is accepted around the world, including thousands of ATMs and online purchasing.

The WSC Membership Card provides verification of your Club Membership to Merchant Affiliates when making purchases with your WSC Rebate Card.